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Carpet Stain Removal Services

Children, pets and the activities of daily living can leave behind stains and odors in carpeting, especially in the high traffic areas of your home or commercial building. Unsightly stains and offensive odors can cause your home or commercial building to look and feel unclean and unkempt. Vacuuming your carpeting often (at least once a week) and having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly will help to cut down on stains and odors in your carpeting. However, even with proper maintenance, stains and odors do occur.

Many different carpet cleaning methods can be used to remove stains and odors. However, for really tough stains, deeper methods of cleaning are recommended. This would include hot water extraction or "steam cleaning". With other forms of carpet cleaning such as low moisture or dry cleaning, it may be necessary to pre-treat heavily stained and soiled areas in your carpeting with some type of spot cleaning spray.

Odor Removal from Carpets & Rugs

An important thing to remember when dealing with tough stains is that dirt is attracted to soaps and detergents. Detergent and soap residues left in your carpeting after a cleaning can attract dirt and soils and cause stains to wick back up. In dealing with tough stains, it is very important to use a method of carpet cleaning that leaves as little residue behind as possible. No-residue carpet cleaning is particularly well suited for removing tough stains as it does not require the use of any shampoos or soaps therefore it does not leave any behind in your carpeting.

Before choosing a carpet cleaning company to deal with tough stains and odors, it is important to consider the types of stains and odors you are dealing with. Certain carpet cleaning companies specialize in the removal of pet stains, pet odors, red wine stains, etc. You will want to make sure that you choose a company that uses products and methods that are effective in dealing with your particular types of stains and odors. It is also important to consider the type of carpeting as well as its age and condition. Many times, carpet manufacturers will recommend specific cleaning methods for specific types of carpeting.

Carpet Cleaning Force can help you identify a trustworthy, reputable carpet cleaning companies that removes stains and odors in your area. We carefully screen local carpet cleaning companies to ensure that they live up to the highest standards for quality and customer service. If we have endorsed a local carpet cleaning company in your area, you can be assured that they will deliver high quality professional carpet cleaning services and excellent customer service. For help with tough stains and odors, please contact Carpet Cleaning Force with any questions about carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Stain Removal Services | Odor Removal from Carpets & Rugs