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High Pressure Carpet Cleaning

High pressure carpet cleaning is another method of carpet cleaning from which you can choose. Using high-pressure equipment to clean carpeting helps to loosen dirt and soils and provides for a deep cleaning. If you have red wine and other tough stains or soils in your carpeting, you may want to consider this method of carpet cleaning. With high pressure carpet cleaning, warm or hot water may be used. Many carpet cleaning companies also use high efficiency vacuums to extract the water and soils from the carpeting once it has been washed using water under high pressure.

Carpet Cleaners That Use High Pressure Carpet Cleaning Methods

Before choosing a carpet cleaning method, it is very important to consider the type of material in your carpeting as well as its age and condition. Many times manufacturers will recommend specific methods of cleaning for specific types of carpeting. High pressure cleaning is a great method to use for tough stains and odors, and provides a deeper cleaning than some other forms of carpet cleaning. However, this method of carpet cleaning may not be best suited for older carpeting or carpeting made of natural fibers.

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