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No-Residue Carpet Cleaning Services

No-residue carpet cleaning does not involve the use of any soaps or chemicals to clean carpets. Instead, highly-oxygenated or "empowered" water is used with special equipment to clean carpets and remove dirt and soils. Since no soaps or chemicals are used in the process, no residue is left behind in the carpeting after it is cleaned.

No-residue carpet cleaning provides excellent results. It also has some major advantages over other methods of carpet cleaning. Since it does not use any chemicals or soaps, it is a hypo-allergic form of carpet cleaning and is safe for pets and children. It is also "environmentally friendly" or "green" form of carpet cleaning since it does not leave behind chemical laden waste-water. When soaps and chemicals are used to clean carpeting, they sometimes leave behind residue that attracts dirt and soils. No-residue cleaning can keep carpets clean for longer periods of time than some other methods and eliminates the risk for stains reappearing a few weeks after the cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners That Leave No-Residue

Before choosing a carpet cleaning option for your carpeting it is important to consider its age and condition. Many manufacturers will recommend specific carpet cleaning methods for specific types of carpeting.

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We hope this information regarding no-residue carpet cleaning has been helpful. If you are interested in no-residue carpet cleaning services, please contact Carpet Cleaning Force for more information.

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